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B2B Network Development
Perhaps one of the most exiciting and individual services we offer. 

Understanding the need for business realtionships in the financial services industry led us to realise the value in being able to build and cultivate these into a network of trusting referral partners in your local area.

We understand this is similar to what you've already established, but what if I told you there was a digital, hand off method of strengthening and growing your network. Our B2B strategy is designed to actively pinpoint your ideal prospects and present your business to them in way that opens the door for lasting relationships to be cultivated.

Contact us for more information and we will explain how this could work for you.  
Social Media Ad Campaigns
The age of social media is well and truly underway, with over 3.2 billion people active on social media and literally thousands of options to target them, it has become one of the most effective marketing tools to get your product in front of the right people at the right time. 

The way things are moving it is becoming more and more vital that a company is utilising these platforms successfully; particularly when it comes to marketing and customer aquisition. We have extensive knowledge of the complex targeting and psychology that goes into creating successful ad campaigns, and can manipulate each platform to achieve a variety of campaign goals for your business.
Lead Generation and Customer Building
Lead generation is all about how a business attracts and converts anyone who is interested or in need of their products or services. So essentially this is the lifeblood of any business, and the basis of why we conduct marketing, sales, and advertising campaigns. 

Luckily enough this is exactly what we specialise in doing for companies within the financial services industry. We use our expertise across multiple platforms such as LinkdIn, Google and Facebook to either generate new prospective clients directly, or build an online base of qualified potential prospects to be nurtured through content or re-targeting campaigns.
Google Adwords and PPC
Google processes approximately 3.5 billion searches a day. 
Google Adwords and PayPerClick advertising is a way to instantly appear at the top of search engine results when someone is looking for your service. 
Considering 40% of all searches end with someone clicking on an Ad, there is literally no better means of being in the right place at the right time with the right service when buying intent is highest.
The great thing about PPC is you only pay when someone clicks on the Ad. So we only pay when someone has typed in a highly relevant keyword or string of words (such as starting a business) in your local area, then gone as far as clicking and egaging with our Ad.
Search Engine Optimisation
The art of lifting your online presence and devising content which pushes your company up through the organic listings on search engines. considering 70% of online purchses start with a search engine, this could be massive in ensuring you beat your competition to the sale, just by getting there before them.

However SEO can take time to nurture and develop before you start seeing a real impact in your business. whereas things like PPC can bypass the time and give more instant results. So it really depends on your objectives.
Targeting/Retargeting Campaigns
Targeting is what makes our ad's more effective, our audience more responsive, and your return more inflated. 

There's a number of platforms, strategies and approaches to consider, reflective of the different types of objectives and direction a business has. 

Retargeting is advisably coupled in with lead or customer builiding campaigns as a means of ensuring we nurture previously engaged prospects but also improve the efficiency of active campaigns.
Content Creation
Content can have a monumental impact on how well something sells and the effectiveness of each and every campaign.

Whether increasing engagement or results for current campaigns, content creation is undoubtedly a vital component in grabbing the attention of your audience and creating awareness for your business.

Everything from marketing and sales material to complete web design, Digital Trail has you covered. We guarrantee to produce effective content designed specifically to resonate with your target audience.

Market Research and Campaign Design
The majority of companies fall into the trap of marketing to a un-interested and too widespread an audience. Understanding not only who your customers are, but also what drives them to needing your services and how to best leverge that to emote a response from them is the foundation of any successful campaign. When it comes to marketing in general, both specificity and relatability are fundamental components, which is why the more we know, the more we can optimise a campigns efficiency and rate of success.

We understand that different businesses have different needs and goals they're working towards. That's why we take the time to really listen carefully and discover exactly what position your in with your business before exploring the options and strategies we might implement to help get you to your objective. Once we have a solid understanding and your happy with our ideas to move  we create custom campaigns, specifically for you and your business.
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